The Loop FKT

The Loop FKT

Challenge Rules.

Entry Fee: Zero. Just go out and run. The only requirement for participation is that you run the route and submit the time.

Dates: The challenge will commence on 8/17 and will conclude on 9/7. Any times run during this period will be eligible for prizes.

Recording/Submitting Your Run: All submitted times must be supported by GPS data synced via Strava or Garmin. All runs must be recorded on “Race” mode or must show elapsed time (as opposed to moving time) and emailed to or posted on Instagram with the tag @trialsofmilesracing & @thelooprunning. Our team will verify all results to ensure that details are accurate and you will only be added to the leaderboard after that has been done.

Course Description: The official start/finish line is under the Mopac Bridge on the north side of the river. Runners will start by crossing the bridge and heading south. After crossing the bridge runners will make a left turn onto the Lady Bird Trail. Runners will take this trail over Barton Creek and all the way down to South Congress Bridge (staying along the water the entire way). Runners will then pass under South Congress Bridge, take an immediate right and continue on the trial all the way up to the sidewalk of the bridge crossing (do NOT cut it short by taking the stairs). After you cross South Congress Bridge, take the first set of stairs on the and right and continue down to the trail. At the trail take a right, pass back under the South Congress Bridge and continue along the water all the way back to the Mopac Bridge where the route started. (For more detailed information on the route check out this Strava Segment.)

Prizes: Owning the FKT is a temporary title that can always be taken away. There is no winner of an FKT.

That said, come September 7, the male and the female who have posted the fastest times on this loop (the FKT holders) will each walk away with a $250 gift card from our friends at The Loop Running Supply Company. There will be a few additional prizes that will be annouced soon.

Rules of the Road: Runners are expected to follow all traffic laws, park regulations, and obey appropriate social distancing requirements during their runs.

Assumption of the Risk: Running may be considered a potentially dangerous activity, and anyone who attempts this challenge assumes all risks associated with participation. If you are not comfortable accepting these risks, please do not attempt this challenge.