Nike React Infinity Run FK 2, Be True

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Nike React Infinity Run FK 2 BETRUE

This year’s BETRUE collection celebrates pride by honoring LGBTQIA+ communities worldwide. The Nike React Infinity Run FK 2 BETRUE comes with 9 hook-and-loop flags that represent the multiple communities of gender identities and sexual orientations. Choose what's true to you with bold colors that make a lasting statement. Want more? Click the Product Details link for a little history on each flag.

Sexual Orientation
Whether you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, or anywhere in between, we celebrate the full spectrum of identities that feel true to you.

Gender Identity
No matter if you're transgender, genderqueer, intersex, agender or identify with any other gender identity, we celebrate the power of authentic self-expression.

Behind the Design
One flag can’t represent us all. Through gender journeys and self discoveries, wear as many identities as you want on the path called Pride. The 9 hook-and-loop flags celebrate the many communities we are made from and help tell their story.
The Transgender flag was created in 1999 for trans and gender nonconforming communities. Pink and blue stripes play with the colors of the traditional gender binary, while white represents intersex communities.
A combination of lavender, white, and chartreuse, the Genderqueer flag was created in 2011 to depict a balance between masculine and feminine for those who do not identify within a specific gender.
In 2013, the purple and yellow Intersex flag was born. This flag captures the wholeness felt by those born with bodies that do not fit the medicalized gender binary.
The Agender flag was created in 2014 with black, white, grey, and green to showcase the fluidity of those who do not identify with any genders at all.
In 1999, the Lesbian flag was created. The orange, white, and pink shades represent independence, community, womanhood, love, and gender non-conforming people that identify with the label.
The pink, purple, and blue Bisexual flag was created in 1998 and pays homage to the overlapping desire of those attracted to more than one gender.
In 2010, the Asexual flag was created featuring black, grey, white, and purple to represent those who might gravitate to the intimacy of human relationships over sexual attraction.
The pink, yellow, and blue Pansexual flag was created in 2010 to represent those who find love beyond the binary and on all sides of the gender spectrum.
Designed in 2019, the Progress flag was created to deepen the intersectionality of the traditional Pride flag, incorporating the trans colors and a nod to Black and brown communities.

More Details

  • Breathable Flyknit upper
  • Flywire technology through the midfoot
  • Less material between the insole and midsole means you're closer to the foam
  • Wide and stable shape
  • Cushioned collar
  • More rubber at the outsole
  • Heel tab
  • Not intended for use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)