Like the Wind

Like The Wind Issue 4

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Issue #4 of Like the Wind contains 100 pages of beautiful stories and illustrations with contributions from a whole range of runners including:

  • Bill ‘Boston’ Rodgers on an incident in a race with a dog
  • Paralympian gold medalist Noel Thatcher on running reluctantly
  • Dakota Jones in a tale of a run with Kilian Jornet over gaping crevasses
  • Guy Oliver explains why his Dad is a running inspiration in spite of the woolen jumpers
  • Alex Rotas presents photos of masters athletes in the 80s and 90s sprinting for gold

The magazine is skillfully printed on uncoated FSC accredited paper: we are doing everything we can to make it is as good for the environment as it is for your running mojo.

If you would like an idea of what Like the Wind is all about, you can see and download a preview of issue #3 of the magazine.

Finally, being a printed publication, there are a limited number of copies of Like the Wind printed so when they are gone, they’re gone.