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Mantra Labs Hydrate

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HYDRATE packs an industry-leading 1,200+ mg of 6 electrolytes to hydrate better. We created this optimal broad-spectrum super hydration with natural oceanic electrolytes, marine minerals and vitamins. All with no sugar and nothing artificial. This means you hydrate better, and feel better naturally.

  • Benefits: Hydration for Strength, Energy, Focus*
  • 1,200+ mg of 6 broad spectrum electrolytes hydrates better.
  • Makes every sip of water taste great and work harder
  • Each serving contains 100% RDA of Vitamin C and B12
  • Prebiotic fiber supports a healthy gut, glucose levels and digestion
  • Science-backed, synergistic formulation
  • Simple to use and perfectly dosed
  • 0 sugar
  • Organically sweetened
  • Delicious natural flavors