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Issue No. 4 Los Angeles

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“Los Angeles can serve as a reminder that real vitality always had to confront a divergent reality. It continues to draw an active counterculture willing to beat its own path against the traffic just like in the past. Progressive runaways in the footsteps of those seeking to free body and mind. People who don’t just want to fit in, but rather find what makes them mindful in a blindly spinning world. Los Angeles continues to be a lab for modern ideas, maybe more so than ever because it has to. Chasing happiness on revolving rubber or in digital illusions does not really work, even in HD. We found some alternative answers right on this city’s tarmac. They won’t solve all our problems but at least they are a step forward and not a dead end. Welcome to Los Angeles.”

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R U N A W A Y  is an independent travel magazine dedicated to the growing community of runners and trailblazers around the world.

Each issue is a guide to a different city and seeks to portray its soul and energy. By highlighting characters, current affairs, culture, art, food and grit from a street level, Runaway hopes to serve as an inspiration to run, create and explore...