Sarah Gearhart

Unwrapped: Food & Stories from Chefs who Run

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"What fuels a chef to put one foot in front of the other?

Perhaps running became a way to escape a lifestyle of smoking and drinking, an exchange of bad habits to adopt a more healthful body and mind. Or is it the release -- from standing for several hours in the kitchen? Maybe it was a channel to fitness in an industry not exactly known for being health-conscious.

These are just a handful of insights I gathered from 10 chefs around the world -- from as close to home as Brooklyn, New York and as far as Tokyo, Japan. From half marathoners to marathoners and beyond, all are equally as dedicated to running as they are their careers.

And of course, we cooked in the process. A lot. I sought out and learned what they like to eat to fuel their steps -- and recover from them. The results are packaged inside this book."